Industrial Urban symbiosis and its social, economic and environmental impact on different European regions”

Objectives of the project

The SYMSITES project aims at developing new technologies and solutions based on the Industrial and Urban symbiosis (I-US) concept, for local and regional collaborations among diverse actors (Citizens, Municipalities and Entreprises) and sectors improving the sustainability of the use of industrial and societal resources starting from wastewater and waste materials. SYMSITES main asset lies in the valorisation of underused materials and energy resources (industrial side streams, industrial waste, by-products and end of life urban waste) and their transformation into feedstock for industrial processes. In other words, the project develops high-technology solutions to achieve a real circular economy for the involved sectors. Installation, demonstration and validation of EcoSites for the Circular Economy and industrial waste valorization.

Our involvement in the project

Project Hub 360 plays an important role in contribution to consortium formation and proposal development. We mainly operate in: Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Life Cycle Costs (LCC), Social Life Cycle Assessments (S-LCA) and Economic Life Cycle Assessments of EcoSites. For the success of this project we worked on the comparison of the results of the operation of the EcoSites from technological, social economic and environmental perspectives (Technical and Economic Analysis- TEA) and on the development and drafting of the Business Plans of the Ecosites.


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