To support companies on the path to sustainability, we have developed IT solutions for sustainable by design innovation, impact assessment, and ESG strategy verification and management.
All our tools are 100% customizable based on each client's needs.

Performance by Design

MultiOptimal360® is a comprehensive decision support solution that supports the development of new solutions with reduced time-to-market and lower R&D costs through a multifactor approach.

Sustainable by Design

EcoOptimal LCA is the ecodesign platform that enables automated LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and CFP (Carbon Footprint) analysis of products.

Sustainable by Design

EcoOptimal LCC is the ecodesign platform that enables timely analysis of product costs in an automated manner.

Sustainable by Design

SocialImpact S-LCA assesses social sustainability in the value chain, analyzing Health and Safety, Welfare and Wellness, diversity and inclusion.

ESG management for sustainability reporting

ESGeasy® is an ESG monitoring, evaluation and reporting software to manage your organisation's sustainability roadmap up to the drafting of the sustainability report.